Crackq Pricing

The following pricing options are currently available. Please note that Australian dollars are used for PayPal and Stripe payments. Bitcoin prices may be updated depending the current exchange rate. The minimum number of standard submissions to the Crackq that can be purchased at a time is 5.

We're switching to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum with Zcash coming up) and will be removing PayPal and credit card options. Note that we do not issue refunds (paid in crypto) for any reason other than technical problems on our side.

Submission type No. submissions Payment method Price Processing time* Expiry
Standard 5 PayPal or Visa/Mastercard $34.95 (AUD) Instant 30 days
Standard 5 Bitcoin 0.00196 BTC 4-6 hours 30 days
Standard 5 Ethereum 0.05251 ETH 4-6 hours 30 days
Custom† 1 Bitcoin 0.00181 BTC per hour 6-10 hours N/A

* These are payment processing times. All PayPal and credit card payments are instant. Bitcoin payments are processed manually and generally take 6-10 hours. Contact support for details.

† This refers to custom brute-force rules. For example, 10 character WPA2 brute-force using the following character set [A-F0-9].


  1. 03/06/2017: We're switching to cryptocurrency only. Bitcoin and Ethereum are accepted with support for more cryptocurrencies coming up.
  2. 30/05/2016: Added HOTBOX-xxxx to the list of default ESSIDs. See the full list here.
  3. 28/05/2016: We're now accepting Ether as the payment option (!
  4. 05/05/2016: Added 4G-Gateway-XXXX to the list of default ESSIDs. See the full list here.
  5. 27/02/2016: Added RogersXXXXX to the list of default ESSIDs. See the full list here.
  6. 26/02/2016: Stand-alone Windows client binary v0.4 can be downloaded from here.
  7. 26/02/2016: Crackq client v0.4 is released. Added support for MYSQL 4.1+ (double SHA1) hashes.
  8. 20/10/2015: Added Speedy-XXXXXX and Fibertel WiFixxx to our default WPA list.
  9. 16/09/2015: Added support for password protected PDF files. Currently versions 1.4 - 1.6 are supported.
  10. 01/09/2015: Added EE-BrightBox-xxxxxx and TPG-XXXX to the list of default ESSIDs. See the full list here.
  11. 26/05/2015: Added support for PHPass (Wordpress, Joomla and phpBB3) hashes.
  12. 13/04/2015: WPA/WPA2 rules and brute-force attacks supported by Crackq